Wednesday, 25 March 2009

D"tto Clothing Range up and running

Finally after weeks and weeks of messing around with the printing company, arguing about colors ect ect. Its done finished, my bigcartel website is up and running equipt with working paypal and some nice photography, big up to Tiff and Stefan- look out for these guys they do film and they going far.


***Scratch the Kat***

***Skull Dunk***

***Diamond Clunge***

Now me and Mr Sharkbait are saving some peas to pay our man at 'Don't Panic', so we can have our flyers distributed.. and thats it so far.

Enjoy the sun, buy a tshirt and enjoy life, peace

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


New Photoshoot For New Range:

New pictures artistically produced by the talented Tiff Wear using long exposure and a manual flash. Check them out.

Blue Man T-shirt (new and improved better quality print)

Tape Eyes T-shirt (New Colour- Yellow-Also available for Tape Mouth T-Shirt)

Banana Yoghurt Warrior T-Shirt

Tape Eyes T-Shirt (New Colour- Pale Pink- Also available for Tape Mouth T-Shirt)

Stay tuned for more photography from Tiff Wear advertising both D"tto and myslef as DJ Shark Bait.

Monday, 23 March 2009



Well it turns out as expected that We Are Your Friends was unreal! The best night i have had in Bournemouth and definitely one of the best out of most places i've been. I started off the night from 10.30 until just before 12 with some electro/hip hop/ baseline. Loved it, that and the set the previous thursday at Big In Japan at the awesome Dusk Till Dawn are the best sets i've done to date. The crowd were sick and all got well into it. Following me was Ste-V-Something mixing out of my end tune (Foamo's remix of Mystery Jets, Half in love with Elizabeth) into Chase And Status' Against all odds featuring Kano. As always his set was impressive to say the least and the crowd loved it. 

Then for the first headliner.. and what a fucking headliner. Example was blinding. His set was filled with energy with the crowd pressed up against the barriers with what seemed like an army at the front who seemed to know every word. If you want to listen to more of Example check out his myspace below, from there you can go to links for mixtapes and new tunes.. get downloading!

Or download his new mixtape The Credit Munch.. mixed by DJ Wire with banging tunes from the likes of Jack Beats, A1 Bassline, Chase and Status, MJ Cole, Herve, Devil's Gun and Don Diablo. Example recreates the tunes using his lyrics. It is fantastic.. get it here:

Following Example it was time for the final headliners.. Andy George and Jaymo. Apart from being really good lads they were ofcourse on form behind the decks. The end of the night finished with them and Ste-V-Something mixing it up to the most excitable crowd i have ever seen. While this went on all those involved in WAYF were on stage mashing it up reminiscent of the Ed Banger Parties in Paris. I think the night ended on Mr Oizo's rendition of Killing in the name of, but a running theme of the night was shortly played before.. Skream's lets get ravey remix of In for the kill by La Roux. The crowd, the djs and probably those not even at the Old Fire Station went fucking mental. 

Check Out Andy George & Jaymo on Myspace

Fucking good night.. Come and have a gander if your ever in town



Yes, another one.. it only seems like we just had the other one? But who's complaining.. not me.

In association with Camp Bestival... 1 party, 1 street, 1 wristband, 4 venues:

Rob Da Bank
Jack Beats
Kid Carpet
Primary 1
Drums of Death
Trash Fashion
Amy Can Fly
Crack Your Skull
Twisted DJs
Moored In Miami
Harry Bird & Comix
Broke DJs
Audio Sleaze
Your Boyfriends Are DJs
Jac The Disco
Thick As Thieves
Sam King
Tosh Ohata
Geek Chic Soundsystem
Plastic Hearts
DJ Reebok Pump
Big Booshay

Its a big one. I will be supporting Jack Beats in the Old Fire Station with Teen Symmetry perfroming under the name of Beetleguise. This is a big one for both of us so i am PUMPED to say the least. It's going to be manic.


BEAT OFF is on the UK biggest and best student radio station, What is Beat Off? An off beat discussion show, looking at lesser known current affairs and obscure uni life. A light hearted and humorous expose into the trials and tribulations of the hosts and their various issues. Throughout which, house and electro music is mingked to give an up-beat vibe. All of which is brought to you by three of the Leeds Tealights, Chris Quaile, Steve Garland and Tom Fava. It is on air between 1pm-2pm every Tuesday.

I myself Shark Bait was lucky enough to get a 10 minute mix broadcasted on the show as well as some ideal plugging for my tshirt range. If you are interested in having a listen to the mix folow the link below.

If you want to have a taster of their shows there are podcasts available below:

Safety in all aspects


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


The Don't Panic Pack is a unique free publication found in carefully selected independent shops, bars, universities and art spaces. It is also distributed outside alternative music events and launch parties, it contains all sorts of arts and culture ''goodies'' and information for cities all around the world with the emphasis on design and the future of our planet.

The posters and flyers in the Don't Panic pack involves a rotation of the established and the unknown. Up and coming artists can advertise their work or other assets to them, in our case T-shirts. Don't Panic is one of the finest promotional tools out there giving the public access to all sorts of genres.. text, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, music and film for all to see.

Yoghurt Warrior (SHARK BAIT and D"tto) have designed a flyer a flyer looking to be distributed in the spring and summer months of this year. The blogspot address is on the flyer so you are directed to this site to check out all the exciting things we are getting up to.