Monday, 23 March 2009


BEAT OFF is on the UK biggest and best student radio station, What is Beat Off? An off beat discussion show, looking at lesser known current affairs and obscure uni life. A light hearted and humorous expose into the trials and tribulations of the hosts and their various issues. Throughout which, house and electro music is mingked to give an up-beat vibe. All of which is brought to you by three of the Leeds Tealights, Chris Quaile, Steve Garland and Tom Fava. It is on air between 1pm-2pm every Tuesday.

I myself Shark Bait was lucky enough to get a 10 minute mix broadcasted on the show as well as some ideal plugging for my tshirt range. If you are interested in having a listen to the mix folow the link below.

If you want to have a taster of their shows there are podcasts available below:

Safety in all aspects


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