Monday, 14 September 2009

What is Ditto? and what the future holds for Ditto

Since the reset I have done a lot of thinking into Ditto. Ditto first started off as me wanting to create my own 'brand', screen printing my illustrations onto t shirts and sweaters and selling them, then gradually as I learnt more and more about the scene and the industry I found out I needed a logo, which would help create the 'brand'. Then about how I needed to make this logo known- this being one of the errors I made at the reset hundreds of people walking past my stall thinking.. ditto wtf is ditto???
And now I am starting to put in the real footwork of which I should have done before the reset, getting an offical website togther, more photoshoots, more blog presense, and more promotion. Since I have been thinking about all these elements- the same question kept coming up in my head... what is Ditto.
Ditto is a tool to which I channel my creativity through. And instead of limiting myself to just being a 'brand'. Im looking to expand Ditto, through the means of model making, animation, freelance illustration and my own personal artwork to which I will put on clothes and canvas.
All of which I plan to do- these next years of Uni.

Tonight is where the real footwork gets put into place, wheat pasting..

Peace out


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