Monday, 28 December 2009


Easssyyyy. Apologies for the late post on this one, but Get Hype's 'Toast' had their butterside Up EP put out last month on Robox Neotech.

EP Track List:

1.Toast - Only One
2.Toast - Shipwreck (Monkey Remix)
3.Toast - Shipwreck (Mr Curtamos Remix)
4.Toast - Shipwreck

If you haven't heard of Toast by now, then make sure you get over to Juno and buy this EP. In all seriousness, these guys have been making some of the freshest dub tunes around at the minute and are defiantly set for big things in the new year.

Check these two tracks from the EP below!

Toast - Only One

Toast - Shipwreck

If you like these tunes then head over to Toasts myspace and check out the rest of their tracks.

Yoghurt Warrior


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