Thursday, 14 January 2010

MIX MAG Review on Yoghurt Warrior!


Yoghurt Warrior DJ Shark Bait and Ditto The Get Hype Collective We Are Your Friends on January 23

Any clothing brand that calls itself “the new face of the underground” is bound to grab our attention. Mainly because we’ll just think they’re talking pure fluff.

But Yoghurt Warrior are speaking the gospel. Created by DJ Shark Bait and Ditto, Yoghurt Warrior are a clothing label influenced by underground music. They claim to, “capture the slime, grit and grime of dance floors.”

The proof is in the pudding. Artists such as Skream, Annie Mac, Rusko, Example, Foamo, Crystal Fighters, A1 Bassline and Trevor Loveys are all over it. Or even, it’s all over them.

Yoghurt Warrior designs and sells their products at We Are Your Friends and Beat Redemption in Bournemouth or here.

The Get Hype Collective will be hosting a Yoghurt Warrior themed party at We Are Your Friends on January 23rd, with competitions and fun.

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