Sunday, 21 February 2010

Look Further!

Nice little review from our friends over at

A clothing brand based upon underground nights throbbing deep with base. An ideology we feel is very close to our heart. The clothes are clearly recongisible and if you spy anyone on the dancefloor wearing a garment then go pay your respects!!

The clothes themselves looks as though someone has wiped their grimey, dirty, dubbed out shoes onto their favouirite sweatshirt and painted it neon... and yes the designs look fresh!!

The clothes are easily gettable from and keep an eye for new designs coming soon!

If you cant enough then head over to
A Blog like many others but stands out for its sheer quality and effort. Looking at, illustration,clothing and music. Keep and eye out for these names, DJ SHARK BAIT (Electro/Bassline/Dubstep) & D"TTO (illustrations and clothing ranges



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