Saturday, 19 June 2010

As we enter!

yo, sorry for the lack of posts.. been festivaling last two weeks and have spent my time flying from tent to tent, beach to beach, forrest to forrest.. it's been epic! Gottwood was a small festival i attended in the north west of wales set on the coast in a forrest. I was unreal, very well done so big up Gottwood, looking forward to next year!

Then i went straight on to Beach Break. I was expecting lads and lots of beer and fighting but instead was pleasantly surprised by how awesome it was. Sunny through out with an abundance of friendly fellow festivalers next to an incredible beach! My only complaint was that in one of the dance tents hosting names such as Fake Blood and Annie Mac it was a touch too quiet, apart from that tho.. thouroughly enjoyable!

Check out a pic of my set at beach break.. visuals by comix (currently touring with swedish house mafia on their world tour!)


some George Lenton for uuu, remix of the massive 'As we enter' by Damian Marley and Nas! and a new one Pauli


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