Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Would you let your daughter marry a rolling stone?

Recently I've really been getting back into the Rolling Stones, from re-listening to all their classics to re-reading Keith Richards Autobiography and now Ronnie Woods so I decided to do a recent picture of them, with Andrew Oldmans old headline he thought up for the Rolling Stones when they first came out.

The reason I colored them each different colors is to show their very different personalities Charlie Watts on the left the chilled out very straight drummer, Keith Richards the king of Rock and Roll, devil like almost immortal Rock and Roll Legend, Mick Jagger the camp front man with his ever changing personality depending who he is around - and finally Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards little brother type of figure, a chilled out verious of Keith hence the orange, quite a few shades of Keiths red.

And finally the green in Keiths ring representing his and Micks ever lasting relationship or as they call it a marriage

d1tto out

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