Friday, 27 January 2012

Pagan with no game..

The other day someone described some one to me as a

"pagan with no game"

as well as bringing me a lot of jokes it also parked an idea in my head, seeing how

I am an illustrator therefore a visual communicator.

Realisticly I should be able to do a picture of a pagan with no game. So I looked into the word pagan, in slang terms pagan is a person of authority or a snitch/ informer.

So I decided make the pagan a rat, now as this wasn't too obvious I thought that

I would have actual pagan symbols shaved into the rat. Then to show no game have two women giving him the finger and walking away. I am very happy with out the image has turned out, I have experimented in sticking with my personal style but branching it out to animals and humans

and I am like the results.


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