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As DJ SHARK BAIT i love HEAVY basslines, in terms of generic specification.. electro/ bassline/ fidget/ house/ dubstep/ drum and bass/ hip hop.. anything u can throw urself wildly round a sweaty dancefloor!
Based in Bournemouth, I have a residnecy at The Wired at IBAR but have played in various other well known venues around sunny boomtown such as Dusk Till Dawn, The Old Fire Station, 60 Million Postcards, 176 and The Winchester.


24th February
The Dark Arts- The Winchester

12th March
Big In Japan- Dusk Till Dawn

14th March
WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS- The Old Fire Station

20th March
ON&ON- 176

25th March

27th March
Homegrown@The Wired

30th March
Midnight Mass- Baby Simple

21st April
TRASHBAT- Dusk Till Dawn

2nd May
We Are Your Friends- Block Party- 4 venues


Give them a listen, Yoghurt Warrior being my newest edition would be interested in feedback.


To promote myself as a DJ i did some designs which due to popular demand i began making a clothing range starting off with T-shirts. These weird, fiendlike characters were inspired by the grimy beats and the crowd that are drawn to it it. Sweaty, alcohol/ drug fuelled dancing going on into
the early hours.

In recent news i have been working with other talented illustrators including butcheresque, hench fletch and of course D''TTO. Myself and D''TTO have come up with the concept of Yoghurt Warrior. This is basically a name that myself and D''TTO can produce work together under one label, this way we will hopefully capture the imagination of more of you as we have different ideas that will appeal to different people.

Check out my interview with

Some examples of my work as SHARK BAIT-

From Left to Right

Banana Yoghurt Warrior
Strawberry Yoghurt Warrior
Blue Man

SHARK BAIT tees in action!

To purchase tees check out my account on

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