Friday, 10 September 2010

The Daily Street- Throwing Snow

The daily street have again brought another exciting mix to our attention. Mixtape 005 is brought to you by one of the UK's hot upcoming talents, Throwing snow.

For those of you who are not familiar with the name throwing snow, rest assured you soon will be. With several releases under his belt on a broad collection of labels, some sick remixes of people including Greymatter, Gold Panda and Hyetal and most recently being able to claim the first ever release on Alexander Nutt's brand new label Ho_Tep, things are happening fast for Ross Tones. If you've heard any of his music then i'm sure that this will come as no surprise to you. Serving up a sound that draws influence from Future Garage, UK Funky, Dubstep, Wonky Hip Hop and even Post-Rock, saying that Throwing Snow is a talented producer is a slight understatement. Have a listen to his remix of Kid Kanevil and his track with Jesse Moncrief (both included in the TDS mixtape) you'll understand.


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