Saturday, 25 September 2010


Earlier this summer i had an email from BBC Radio 1's most recent essential mix dj, Doorly. For a while now i have been sending him Yoghurt Warrior tees for him to wear when playing out. His decision to contact me was made when on tour in the USA and a girl asked if she could take a picture of his t shirt (winnie the wee pants) so she could have it tatooed on her back!

Doorly contacted me because he is starting a new record label that is going to take the world by storm, its going to involve alot of industry heads so he asked me to design some t shirts for the label.

For this i designed personalised pigeon hole this tees for Annie Mac, Toddla T, Zane Lowe, Andy George, Jaymo and Jack Beats for them to wear and promote the label.

I also designed a main pigeon hole this t shirt that will soon be sold on the Yoghurt Warrior Website!! So keep a keen eye on it!

This is a brief summary by Doorly about the forthcoming label.

'It's basically a genreless label that will allow me to move with music and release tracks by myself and new artists right accross the spectrum of music, i'm putting together a roster of acts for the releases but the club tour begins in november and will be taking the uk (and the world) by storm!! i'll be calling in a lot of favours from industry pals to pull off some pretty big shit!

The first EP is just being promo'd now - its a 6 track EP of originals by me and couple of collabs and it goes on sale properly next week.

watch this space!'


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